bebo ARCHED flood relief CULVERTS


In close proximity to Structure 28, the sullane river bridge, Structive teams are constructing a number of flood relief arched culverts on either side of the River Sullane

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Latest news: New website Build


The team at Structive are actively developing the company forward. We recently updated our website to provide insights and showcase capabilities. Over the upcoming days, weeks, months and year we have developed our website to be information driven. We plan […]

Project: Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe


Phase 1 of 50 bed extension project The project at Portiuncula Hospital in a civil capacity consists of: bulk excavations deep drainage underpinning all utilities & comms installations RC bases and structures In a demo capacity it consists of: plant […]

Project: Mater Hospital Laboratory, Dublin

Mater Hospital Diamond Cutter

Existing services and plant decommissioning, soft stripping, temporary works, controlled robotic demolition of load-bearing and non-load bearing structures, wire-sawing existing RC stairs and landings, saw-cutting RC slabs, and diamond drilling to enable new drainage run installations. This particular work required […]

Project: 4Site Networks, RC bases

Network Main Pylon

Multiple Sites Nationwide All setting out and measuring using GPS Site clearance (urban, rural and Coillte sites) Bulk excavations Construction of haul and permanent roadways with associated drainage and crossings Construction of various size RC bases, including holding down bolts […]

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Structive Civil Engineering is a highly skilled engineering firm that works closely with clients to ensure that each and every project is delivered to the highest engineering standards. The latest engineering methodologies are utilised to develop the most cost-effective solutions.

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