Experienced contractor

With a combined 20 years of experience working with major demolition contractors in the UK, Structive offers an extensive spectrum of services built from that experience.

Our clients may avail from a number of tailored services, such as
R&D surveys, asbestos removal, soft strips, façade retention, demolition, cut & carve demo, structural openings, robotic demo, and site clearance and remediation.

Enabling works

What do we cover?

  • R&D Surveys

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Soft Strips

  • Facade Retention

  • Cut & Carve

  • Site Clearance

  • Top Down

We Provide

  • Planning &

  • Key

  • Site

  • Contract

  • Health &

  • Professional


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About us

Structive Civil Engineering is a highly skilled engineering firm that works closely with clients to ensure that each and every project is delivered to the highest engineering standards. The latest engineering methodologies are utilised to develop the most cost-effective solutions.

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